Nami Icon Redesigns

Nami the Tidecaller

With Nami's redesign in general, I wanted to add more to personality. I wanted the colors to match closer to her design in game and the stark blue of the original icons felt out of place. For her Q ability, I wanted to include more action from the actual ability itself. The bubbles in the original design seemed ambiguous so the added Teemo in my redesign was used to help identify what the ability does from a first glance. 


Blitzcrank Icon Redesigns

Blitzcrank the Great Steam Golem

Most of Blitzcrank's icons are fairly straightforward, when redesigning the icons I wanted to improve on their readability while also showing more of his personality too. Using the original designs as a base for my own, I made it a point to unify the colors of the icons and fix the composition of them as well, keeping silhouette and action in mind. 


Janna Icon Redesigns

Janna the Storm's Fury

Janna's icons feel fairly dark, being an elemental wind spirit who's purpose is to protect, it felt right to give the icons a lighter tone. With her original Q and W icons, they felt too similar so I looked closely at the abilities and took inspiration from the bird that her W ability uses and redesigned around that.