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When designing the in game HUD for Project: Gemini, I didn't want to get caught up in the typical heavily rendered UI that some games tend to go with because it almost always outdates the work. My idea of something futuristic is dependent on shortening the time to do something so I went with flat and simple coloring to convey information quickly.


Splash art by Arthur Bates

Multiplayer HUD

Project: Gemini UI: Image
Project: Gemini UI: Image

Since Project: Gemini is a two player game, my end goal was for players to differentiate between the two characters’ UI during gameplay so I assigned each character their own UI color. I played into the fact that these characters operate in a robotic world and pulled elements of circuitry into the HUD.


Player Character Colorization

Project: Gemini UI: Image

Early into the development of Project: Gemini there was a bit of an issue with the characters disappearing on the screen. Having characters with dark clothes in dark backgrounds isn’t the best off visibility. Because of the size of our team I had a little say in the characters. I did some testing with their coloring, wanting to pull their colors closer to their UI colors, or at least relatively closer to while still maintaining the character integrity. Testing those colors in engine, it didn’t quite solve the problem as much as I’d like it to so I tried outlining the characters as well. Since the platformer has more of an arcade-y feel, the colored outline on the characters seemed to fit with the design. I used the same colors of the UI for the characters’ outlines. There was the issue of players forgetting who they are playing, so with using the respective characters UI colors for their outlines, it helped eliminate that issue. I wanted a player to be able to look at the screen and see who’s UI belongs to who at any point since the players move around the screen constantly. (Final colors below.)


Character color exploration and process


Pause Menu

Project: Gemini UI: Image

Win Screen

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